Nalgonda District Vishwabrahmin students Hostel

In 1981 with the initiation of Sri Vanapamula Rattayya garu and with the hard work of Sri Kasoju Murahari garu, Late Dr. Sri Dasoju Laxmana Chary garu and Sri Maroju Nandakumara Chary garu, District collector Sri A. Raji Reddy garu granted 20 gunta land for Nalgonda district vishwabrahmin students hostel. Several volunteers have helped to get the occupancy on the land.

After few years in 1983 constructed first room of the hostel with the help of vishwabrahmin welfare employees leaders Sri. Maroju Nandakumara Chary, Sri, Idukoju Parvathalu, Sri. Bala Swamy and others.

For long time there was no development done on this land and in 1995 with the help of Sri Kasoju Vishwanadham, Sri Mummadi Anthayya, Dr. Sri. P. Brahmana Chary, Sri Kondoju Krishna Chary, Sri Ch. Bhishma Chary and others, they have constructed the compound wall to protect the land.

In 1999 Sri Akavaram Kumaraswamy has donated funds for building next room. At the same time 3 more rooms, 3 bath rooms and 3 toilets were constructed with the help of Sri. Kasoju Vishwanadham, Dr. Sri Pendota Brahmana Chary, Sri Radham Venkataratnam, Sri Mummadi Anthaiah, Sri Kondoju Krishnama Chary, Sri Kanchanapalli Shanmukha Chary, Sri, Chokkalla Veerachari, Sri Ch. Bhishma Chary Sri Akavaram Kumara swamy. Sri Jaligama Prabhakar Rao Executive Engineer - Panchayteeraj donated funds for digging boarwell. After completing these rooms in September 17, 2000 Sri Gutha Sukhender Reddy M.P. and Sri Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy M.L.A. Inaugurated them.

On the same day ground breaking ceremony was done by Sri Gutha Sukhender Reddy M.P. for 50X80 feet community hall. West side room is built by the donations from Sri Gottimukkala Jogaiah, Sri Chollati Bala Brahmamgaru and Sri Tharunoju Krishna garu.

West side 6 rooms construction started in 2000 with the help of Dr. Sri Kondoju Suresh Kumar, Sri Thota Vishwaroopa Chary, Sri Pasunuru Jayshanker, Sri. Kolloju Satyanaryana, Sri Biroju Venkateshwarlu and the committee members. Inaugurated these room in September 17, 2002.

This hostel is providing accommodation to 40 students at this time. Half of the slab for community hall was completed from Rs 5 Lahks donation granted by Sri Gutha Sukhender Reddy M.P. Rest of the money around Rs 3.5 Lakhs are collected from several donars from Hyderabad, Devarakonda, Nakrekal, Kattamgur, Haliya, Thripuraram and Miryalguda. Construction for the community hall is not completed fully and hoping that generous donations are gathered from several community members.

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